Estate Argyros
Estate Argyros has been established in 1903, but the Argyros family has been involved in wine production for decades before that. It is the largest private owner of vineyards in Santorini and the current landholdings exceed 120 ha, a vast, four-generations-long investment. The average vine age exceeds 70 years, while the oldest parcels of the estate are more than two centuries old. The average yields, on a plentiful vintage, rarely gets higher than 25 hl/ha, an impressively, if not catastrophically, low number, matched by very few wines around the world.  Work in the vineyard is meticulous, with hundreds of man-hours per year per hectare, since every single vine is considered a unique organism.
Estate Argyros is widely acknowledged for its commitment to wines of fine quality.




Estate Argyros (2)

Tier 2 mixed Greek wine box (12 bottles)

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Tier 3 mixed Greek wine box (12 bottles)

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