Meligyris Honey

At Meligyris Cretan Apiary we continue a long bee farming heritage that dates back to 1920 holding dear to traditional beekeeping methods.

Our hives are spread across the island of Crete and give us a wide range of varietal honey featuring the depth and diversity of the Cretan wild flora. Traditional methods of extraction and collection are used to ensure that the enzymes, protein and natural goodness stay within.

All our honey is raw, unfiltered and cold pressed preserving all the natural health benefits as well as the distinctive aromas and taste of pure Cretan honey.

Meligyris Honey (5)

Pure Pine Thyme Honey

$23.00 CAD

Pure Oak & Chestnut-tree Honey

$20.00 CAD$23.00 CAD

Pure Thyme Honey

$23.00 CAD

Malotira & Thyme Honey from Crete

$23.00 CAD

Meligyris Honey of the gods Gift Box

$85.00 CAD