Mount Athos Vineyard

The wines from the Athonite region carry the appellation of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Mount Athos. The delimited area of the zone is located within the administrative boundaries of Athos peninsula, as well as the area of Ouranoupolis in the Stagira Akanthou municipality. It comprises vineyards extending either near the seacoast or on the slopes of the mountain at an altitude up to 400 meters.

One of the most outstanding trademarks of the Athonite vineyard is the fact that the land is completely isolated cloaked by beautiful chestnut, pine trees and other Mediterranean forest, as well as the sea. At the same time the monastic life dictates a profound respect for the environment; the harmonious interaction of traditional farming practices and forestry is linked to the stringent observance of monastic rules over the course of centuries. Therefore, Mount Athos can be defined as the textbook of 100% organic farming.