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                The Terkenlis Company was founded in 1948 by Stavros Terkenlis and has been serving the Greek market, without interruption ever since. The current owner and managing director of the business, Pavlos Terkenlis, represents the second generation of a family that has been in the baking and patisserie business, since 1925. Quality is our number-one priority- in absolutely every area of production and services. Determined always to secure the maximum level of customer satisfaction, we do our utmost to ensure: The high quality of our raw ingredients. The best possible conditions for production and distribution, guaranteeing health and safety for our products. A state-of-the-art workplace, encouraging ongoing improvement and career development for our employees. Implementation of the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

                Our product range includes a wide variety of Greek and international foods. The list features products which have become traditional patisserie favorites, as well as new and innovative ideas developed in our kitchens. Terkenlis' products include: Tsoureki (brioche), cakes, pies (flakey pasteries), cheese, teacakes, syrup sweets, chocolate treates, tarts, ice cream, lenten and traditional pastries, bread and bread products.

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