Luc Belaire Luxe Rose (by the case)
Luc Belaire Luxe Rose (by the case)
Luc Belaire Luxe Rose (by the case)
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Luc Belaire Luxe Rose (by the case)

    We’re proud to introduce you to Belaire Luxe Rosé, a gorgeous wine with
    style to spare that complements our existing Belaire range perfectly. Made
    at our award-winning winery in Provence, alongside our best-selling classic
    Belaire Rosé, Belaire Luxe Rosé is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and
    Cinsault with an exquisite dosage of oak-aged Syrah. Belaire Luxe Rosé is made with 80% Syrah, 15% Grenache & 5% Cinsault has a deep pink colour with aromas of fresh strawberry and raspberry. Creamy and rich on the palate with more berry flavors and a slight touch of wood, and surprising lightness in the mouth. Long, velvety finish. Belaire Luxe Rosé is excellent as a chilled aperitif, with or without ice and fresh fruit, and pairs well with cheeses and desserts.