Nomada Honey Soda (by the case)
Nomada Honey Soda (by the case)
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Nomada Honey Soda (by the case)

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    Nomada Honey Soda begins with carefully selected authentic thyme honey from the Island of Crete. The island's unlimited summer sun, biodiversity with rare plants, animals plus the stunning landscape with high mountain range and island gorges contribute in the making of the most exciting honey variety in Greece and worldwide. Thyme honey is the most versatile variety, keeping the same organoleptic characteristics, despite the unstable weather hovering over the Cretan mountains. The honey is a natural energy boost with a flamboyant floral taste and fruity aftertaste with hints of citrus. Juicy Sicilian lemons are selected from around Mount Etna, where the Mediterranean climate of sunny hot days and cool nights. The combination with the volcanic soil, gives a typical sweetness and aroma that is uniquely spicy and 100% natural.